Mobile applications


  • Hybrid applications for iOS and Android
  • Software to control the application content
  • User’s profiles
  • Push messages

Mobile applications

Applications for mobile devices are increasingly used. There are equivalents to the web pages of the different services available as mobile applications. Some of them are simple, other more advanced. Using a mobile phone, one can transfer money or conclude the insurance contract.

Using the dedicated mobile application, one can inform its customers about promotions, new services, allow the customer to make reservations. Reserving a visit to a hairdresser for Monday morning on Friday at 23:00, when the hairdresser has already been closed, is not a problem with the mobile application. It only takes a few clicks.

We offer possibility to develop a dedicated mobile application for iOS, Android, WindowsPhone platforms. The proposed applications are created as hybrid applications based on Ionic platform (based on HTML5 and JavaScript). With this approach, we do not create applications for any platform separately and we can reach to a larger group of customers with lesser costs.

When we create applications, the main emphasis is placed on simplicity and clarity of the user’s interface. We do not want to overdo with the application, as in the long term, it is burdensome for the end-user. Simple interface makes it easy to use the application.

If the application requires, we separately develop the content management module for the application. It can be developed in the form of web page applications or desktop application, and will assure support of the user’s profile, or even integration with the existing IT system. This provides the user with the information, e.g. when is the closing date of the next contribution of the insurance policy. The system can also automatically recall it about the need to pay contributions or inform about a new promotion.