About the company

Activity of Systemy Przetwarzania i Integracji Danych (SPIID) is the IT answer to changes in the various branches of business. Our main goal is to provide accurate, comprehensive and meeting the highest standards information to a dedicated customer in a relevant time and appropriate form so that this information can be used as a reliable reference point in the process of taking any business decisions.

We specialize in the wide range of the data warehouse. For your company, we can execute the comprehensive analysis of the reporting needs, we can design and start efficient power supply system, we can create dedicated information desktops, into which we can enter the reports according to your needs. In addition, we will teach you how to adjust the existing reports to your needs or create own new. We will be pleased to share our knowledge in the data warehouse so that we can discuss with a common language when designing and implementing a solution.

Business areas, in which we implement our solutions include, but are not limited to: health, insurance, sale and industrial analytics. Depending on the needs, the reporting solutions are enhanced with components for acquisition of the data necessary to develop the desired information.

Next to the technical knowledge, we are also competent in the field of economics. During development of the reporting system, we can advise how to adjust it to your needs. If necessary, we will create for the accounting management including adjustment of the accounts plan so that it is suitable to implement the effective management analytics. The next step can involve implementation of the advanced control mechanisms or improvement of the budgeting process.