We provide IT solutions tailored to the needs of your company

Our main goal is to provide reliable and comprehensive information that meets the highest of standards for the dedicated recipient at the right time and in the right form so that this information can serve as a reliable reference point in the process of making all business decisions

Business areas in which we implement our solutions:

Medical industry
Manufacturing industry
Insurance industry

We specialize in creating
data warehouses

We share knowledge in the field of data warehouses so that we can speak a common language when designing and implementing a solution.

Stage I

We will perform a comprehensive analysis of reporting needs.

Stage II

We will design and launch an efficient power supply system.

Stage III

We will create dedicated dashboards with customized reports.

Our Team

The Spiid company is created by
people with passion

Paweł Marks

  • pawel.marks@spiid.pl
  • 604 508 278

A graduate of the Faculty of Computer Science at the Faculty of Automatic Control, Electronics and Computer Science at the Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice. In 2013, he obtained a PhD in computer science. He also completed post-graduate studies in Organization Management at the Faculty of Management at the Silesian University of Technology in Zabrze. Author of several scientific publications in the field of streaming data processing presented at national and international conferences.

Between 2003-2012, he gained scientific experience at the Department of Computer Science of the Silesian University of Technology. Simultaneously since 2006, he has participated in IT projects related to the processing of large data sets for medical and insurance industries, in which processing efficiency is key. In the company, he is responsible for the architecture and design of the created solutions.

Rafał Malczok

  • rafal.malczok@spiid.pl
  • 502 373 576

At the company Data Processing and Integration Systems Ltd serves as the Vice-President of the Management Board. A graduate of Computer Science at the Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice. At the same university in 2013, he obtained a PhD in technical sciences in the field of computer science. Author of several scientific articles on the issues of data warehouse and data analysis.

He has extensive technical and substantive experience gained during the implementation of IT projects mainly, but not only, in the area of health care. In the company, he is responsible for issues related to reporting systems, analytics and for contacts with the client.

Business analysts

Responsible for data acquisition, analysis and documentation of requirements. They create models of solutions, do training, and conduct quality tests.

Data warehouse architects

Their task is to develop warehouse projects as well as to take care of issues related to efficiency, security and auditability of warehouse processes.

Date quality engineers

In the process, they deal with the qualitative analysis of data sets, reporting, detecting defects in data sets and data processing.

ETL programmers

Their tasks include designing and implementing ETL processes that supply data warehouses.

SQL programmers

Responsible for the design and implementation of data processing on databases (Oracle, PostgreSQL, MS SQL).


Responsible for designing, implementing and documenting tests of data warehouse solutions. Their task also include generating test data.