Insurance industry

Insurance industry

Dynamic changes in the insurance industry require quick access to reliable information!

We are currently observing a trend of very dynamic development in the industry. The number of products insured is growing, commissions and the configuration in which products are sold often change. In order to be able to control all of this, what you need is quick access to reliable data so that the decisions you make and the plans you create are justified by facts and figures and analysis results, and not based on assumptions and hunches.

What are the most common problems in brokerage companies?

Many IT systems used to record various data. A separate system is used to record risks for private individuals and a separate one to record insurances provided to companies and institutions, yet another separate one is used for financial and accounting services, and finally a separate one - to register employment contracts and employee remuneration.

Management assistance

How a data warehouse solves the problem of using multiple IT systems


What analyses do you need to efficiently manage insurance?

The ability to analyse data from different systems and even different locations in one summary allows what was unattainable before the integration, namely the ability to look at the company’s operations as a whole, without dividing it into systems or locations.

The main management dashboard

It contains the most important indicators, lists and charts. Thanks to access to such a desktop, the manager is able to obtain knowledge in an instant whether there are any situations that require immediate attention.

The insured

A report dashboard that allows you to analyse the profile of the insured (distribution of the number of insured persons by age, gender, place of residence, etc.).


A reporting dashboard that makes it easy to check for whom and when a given insurance expires, which risks were purchased for the first time in a given month, how many risks have been renewed, how many risks end in a given month.


A report dashboard presenting the process of migration of the insured between insurers and allowing to check whether and what kind of connections exist in the purchased risks.


A report dashboard that allows you to check who and for how long is behind with paying premiums, what is the total number of days of delay, what profit is generated by the premiums.


The analysis can answer questions about how the profit would change if commissions had different values. Which products are worth combining into packages? What will be the profits, assuming that the number of risks will increase by 5%, premiums will increase by 1.2% in the first and 0.5% in the second half of the year?

Individual fit

Our offer

The offer is addressed mainly to insurance companies, brokers and multiagencies. Due to the profile of our business, we are able to provide a comprehensive solution covering:

  •  a dedicated system for recording and settling policies with the possibility of integration (e.g. with the use of network services) with the systems of insurance companies,

  • an advanced reporting system supporting analytical work and the process of making business decisions,

  • a mobile application that facilitates reaching a wide range of customers. Thanks to the mobile application, customers gain access to their user profile (my policies, premiums, dates) and also they can get acquainted with the current insurance offer and promotions.

Our offer

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