Manufacturing industry

Manufacturing industry

You monitor – You gain! Elevate to a higher level of production plant management.

Machine operation controllers collect many important parameters on an ongoing basis, which can provide valuable knowledge about the course of the production process, its quality, efficiency, effectiveness, and downtimes.

What are the most common problems in production plants?

In most production plants, data is collected from many different sources. Different equipment and components are used in factories, not all key information is collected in machine drivers and OPC servers, but also in many separate files.
The geographical dispersion of the plant may make it impossible to analyse data from different locations in one statement. Without data integration, it is not possible to quickly and reliably assess the company’s operation as a whole, without dividing it into locations.
Assistance in management

Management assistance

How does a data warehouse solve the problem of multiple data sources and the dispersion of the production plant?

BENEFITS of implementing the IPLAS system

Convenient access to data

Accurate and reliable data collected and stored for a long time as well as easy and secure access around the clock from any device anywhere in the world.

Production monitoring and optimization

No downtime on production lines, lower machine failure rate, maximum production efficiency.

Greater work efficiency

Quick identification of possible problems on a given production line. Possibility of real-time visualization of performance on the screen installed in the plant – facilitated management of the team as well as increased motivation.

Do you want to control your production data?

Do you want to optimize your production?

Do you want to increase work efficiency and reduce costs?



Many of our clients have asked the question “Will IPLAS definitely work in my company on my data?” To meet the expectations, we have created a user-friendly Demo version of the system.

The free trial version is 3 levels of involvement with the possibility to try out all IPLAS functionalities on your production data.

Having completed a form, an e-mail with a link and access passwords will be sent. If questions arise while testing our software – contact our specialists – we are here to help.