Manufacturing industry

BMZ company

Case Studies Firma BMZ A company speacilising in the production of batteries, accumulators for power tools, electric bicycles, cars and buses. The production at BMZ Poland includes many different projects, carried out on lines consisting of several/a dozen or so stations (operated manually by employees), constituting the production pipeline, ending…
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Press Glass Company

Case Studies Press Glass Company The largest independent European manufacturer of double-glazed glass units for the construction industry with factories located in several countries. We have implemented the IPLAS system in the branches in Radomsko, Miętno, Tczew, Tychy and Varazdin (Croatia). Challenge/need Press Glass faced the problem of periodic excessive…
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SPAAS company

Case Studies SPAAS company The Spaas company, based in Hamont, has been producing candles for over 160 years. The activity that started with wax bleaching has evolved into an international company with a wide range, operating in 40 different countries. Challenge/need Production managers often struggled with the inability to accurately…
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INEE Sp. z o.o.

Case Study INEE Sp. z o.o. INEE Sp. z o.o. has been on the market since 2005. Its team specializes in the implementation of IT projects in the industry – integration of process data with master systems, databases and cloud solutions. Challenge/need INEE Sp. z o.o. specializes in dedicated training in industrial…
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