Case Study

INEE Sp. z o.o.

INEE Sp. z o.o. has been on the market since 2005. Its team specializes in the implementation of IT projects in the industry – integration of process data with master systems, databases and cloud solutions.


INEE Sp. z o.o. specializes in dedicated training in industrial communication, based on the Kepware OPC server.

The company’s offer also includes consulting services, the ability to purchase new and used industrial automation components and service.

The company also deals with short-term delivery of rare devices/components/parts of machines withdrawn from manufacturers’ offer.

The last of the mentioned services gave rise to the need for a development of a solution that would allow for the integration of data  on available components and their prices from 6 independent data sources. The data resulting from the integration were to be available to users by means of a dedicated software component (a thick-client application protected against unauthorized installation) and an Internet portal integrated with the Ordering Party’s website.

  • INEE Sp. z.o.o.


The project for INEE was characterized by a strong variety of data sources, in terms of formats as well as quality and the method of obtaining collections. For this reason, it was decided to develop dedicated software that implemented the first layer of the ETL process – data extraction.

The next steps (transformation and loading) have been implemented in the form of stored procedures of the PostgreSQL database. The data access functionality was developed in Java technology.

Due to frequent failures in the availability of source data or their incorrect form, the system has been equipped with monitoring mechanisms and notifications about lack of data / processing errors.

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INEE uses the MIX system in its daily work, mainly when preparing offers or billing documents.

Thick-client applications are also installed at the company’s partners and clients, which allows for quick access to price lists and suppliers’ inventory reports.

A portal has been installed at where any user can search for a selected component.

The existence of the application and portal greatly facilitates the daily work of the company by reducing the lengthy and error-prone tasks of manual integration of data from various price lists, and allows INEE customers to quickly and conveniently search for the necessary resources.