Case Studies

Firma BMZ

A company speacilising in the production of batteries, accumulators for power tools, electric bicycles, cars and buses. The production at BMZ Poland includes many different projects, carried out on lines consisting of several/a dozen or so stations (operated manually by employees), constituting the production pipeline, ending with the production and quality control of the finished product or semi-finished product.


The company did not utilise its full production potential, the problem was too low production efficiency and incomplete use of the resources available in the production process.

  • BMZ


The implementation of the IPLAS production monitoring and optimization system.
The system allowed for precise observation of what is happening on the production lines. Thanks to data acquisition from testers of finished products, we launched real-time reporting, which presented the progress and performance indicators of the process on an ongoing basis.

The customer could accurately locate the places of problems, their duration, and finally indicate the causes, which made it possible to take the right steps to optimize the entire process.


As a result of the use of line downtime and operation monitoring, and consequently actions aimed towards solving the detected problems, it was possible to increase the OEE ratio on most lines from 40-50% to approx. 80%.